Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Broken and closed

I got to the pool today and the computer system is down so they couldn't swipe my card. They just had to write it down instead. Then when I got to the pool it was totally packed! There was the large group of disabled people who are often there, with all their 'carers' sat by the side of the pool. And then there were, what seemed like, hundreds of mums and baby's.

There were consequently only two swimming lanes - insanely slow and quite slow with the odd fast person! I asked one of the 'swimmers' why it was so busy and regretted it. She told me that the small pool is closed for 24 hours because someone had diarrhea in it!!

I did sort of time, but had decided not to particularly take notice as I was often having to either wait or try to overtake, but then I also pressed the wrong button at the end too so it's only an approx time!

Swim 500m in 12m17s ish.

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