Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ooops forgot to post

I knew what I was going to post yesterday, in fact so much so that I thought I had posted it, but it would appear not!!

Wore my new shoes for the first time yesterday, without the posh insoles because they're a bit too tight with them. I'm hoping / assuming the shoes will stretch / loosen a bit and then I can use the insoles too. I know I like the insoles as they're the same as a pair I already have.

(Yesterday) Run 1.9miles in 21m 48s.

Today I went straight off after dropping E at school again. Quite an uneventful ride really. I think I may have to try another route so I can vary it a bit. I have, however, managed to turn 'repeat' off my phone so I can listen to a whole album rather than just one track!!! Any suggestions for music to listen to while training would be gratefully received too - I need some inspiration!

Cycle 8.3miles in 40m 51s.


Jackie said...

I think you should listen to the Benny Hill music, that would get your speed up a bit :)

Kate said...

You'd be amazed what a difference music makes - I've run my fasted splits when a good song comes on! Here's the sad bit.. Ricky Martin is really good and my all time favourite 'Don't stop me now' by Queen - just don't tell anyone!! xx

Cymraes said...

Music: I want to ride my bicycle!!