Thursday, July 05, 2012

Old man and new shoes

Pool was nice and quiet today and since the 'fast' lane was empty I swum in that one. I managed to do 18 of my lengths reasonably fast before a slow, old man decided to join me in the lane and make it so I couldn't get past him!! Having trod water behind him I decided not to bother waiting, since we were nearly at the end, so I just turned around and swum my final length. Hence today's time is 'ish' because it's about right balancing out the waiting time with the cutting the length short!

In other news, my in laws kindly gave me a pair of 'free' shoes a couple of weeks ago (from a buy two get one free offer they had) which didn't fit when they arrived. So they said I could buy a pair and give them the bill. Since I was thinking of getting some proper running shoes anyway, this meant I didn't have to worry so much about the price. So I went to get them today and went on a funky machine that filmed me running and then said what type of shoe I needed! The assistant was really helpful and knowledgeable too. I am now the proud owner of a shiny new pair of running shoes. So how much faster will they make me?! ;)

Swim 500m in 12mins 2s.

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Kate said...

Woohoo! Meant to ask if you had good trainers and socks, they are the starting point and worth the money. Wasn't the treadmill scary though!! Never run on one in my life and nearly fell off - but great advice. You're a real runner! xxx