Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Proper cycle route

I did the real cycle route today, although starting at a different starting point, about half way round. Having dropped E off at the in-laws, I rode just around the corner to start.

The first half involved a killer hill, which I didn't like at all!! It's also on quite a main road so the traffic wasn't helping. The middle bit (which, if I were starting in the right place would be the beginning and end) were fairly straightforward, again apart from traffic, which since I usually ride on country lanes, I'm not used to any more!

The final bit (which would be about a third of the way in usually) was surprisingly okay. I knew it went up another hill, but I couldn't picture how steep the hill was at that particular point and thought it was going to be quite hard. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't!! Which meant the ending for me was okay.

Doing it starting at the right place will defo be a bit harder as the killer bit is about three quarters of the way round.

I was quite pleased with the timing, even though I had to stop at 3 sets of traffic lights, one of which seemed like it was for ages!!

I've booked E in with in laws again on 2 of the only days we're actually around in August, so I can attempt all three bits together! Should be fun!

Cycle 15km in 49mins

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Balaam said...

You should try my cycling route, the first 9 miles is uphill.

Congratulations, keep up the training.