Saturday, July 14, 2012


Life seems busy at the mo... which makes finding time so much harder!

I had intended on doing a ride yesterday, but ended up playing instruments for my daughters school production. The transposing then performing took up most of the day, so the cycle didn't happen.

Today was going to be a day off because it was another busy day. But, very strangely, this morning I felt the need to go for a run!! Because E was around and I was out without her in the afternoon, I asked her if she wanted to run with me. She didn't. However, she did want to cycle with me so we went out. It felt like a good run and the first half almost felt easy. I think I have the beginnings of a cold, so towards the second half of it, breathing was slightly less easy. It was quite nice having my wittering daughter with me rather than my music, although the music requires less of a response!!

Run 1.9miles in 21m 34s

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